There is a tendency for people to accept art that they are familiar with and to value the old over the new. Florence, Italy, serves as a prime example of this phenomenon because millions of tourists visit each year just to see historic works. However, this city also hosts a community of contemporary artists, which is often overshadowed by the famous works of deceased artists. This project seeks to bring awareness to some of those contemporary artists by sharing their works and personal stories of creating new art in a historic environment. These stories are documented through interviews, photography, and film, and are compiled into a print magazine and online video series and blog. Artists and art enthusiasts alike can learn what influence the past has over present makers and how people assign artistic value. Ultimately, this ethnographic study reveals the struggles these artists face, shares their creative contributions, and teaches how we as the public can grow our appreciation for living makers.

This project was designed by Monica Galletto and sponsored by North Carolina State University’s Office of Undergraduate Research and the University Honors Program.

Behind-the-scenes of this project have been documented here.


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